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Links relating to the Articles and to great sources on the web
Computer History Museum
A must visit for those fascinated by computers and their history.
Perugia, Italy: An Enchanting Jewel in Umbria's Crown
Follow the adventures of our author, Marjorie Dorfman, in Perugia, Italy, where she lived, played and believe it or not even went to school for more than two years.
Lighter Footsteps
This website is extremely helpful in terms of learning how to sustain a greener lifestyle.
International Spy Museum, Washington, DC
The ultimate infomational interactive entertainment! A great place to visit with kids. Check their online store for some interesting gift ideas.
MySpace Gateway
Everything you need to know about setting up your own personal MySpace page.
Safe Shopping
Created by the American Bar Association to help with questions about safety when shopping online.
Vending Machine Heaven
Some of the most unusual and unexpected things to come out of a vending machine. A fascinating, intriiguing and most unique site.
Serious about your invention? Check this site for information:
Free Patents Online
The site has much more data and features than the USPTO or any other free site, so I hope it will be of use to you.
"Can a Child Love a Robot?"
Fascinating article by Manny Frishberg about robotic toys and their impact on non-metallic humans.
Computer Desk Solutions
A great selection of computer desk solutions from America's top manufacturers: corner and glass desks, executive desks, hutches, lateral files, and entire collections for your office.
FBI Has Long History of Surveillance
Interesting article about the average citizen, privacy and the all encroaching hand of the FBI.
Comprehensive Recreation Web Directory
Here's a site that is designed to be your one-stop destination for anything you can think of that is about or related to recreation.
Google Scholar
A researcher's dream site! This site provides researchers an opportunity to glean information previously not easily found. Check it out!
FunnyTaf – Great free stuff
This site is a labor of love. Hard to believe there could be so MUCH free stuff available on the web!
A great ecard site. Some wonderfully animated. They can speak your typed-in text! A two week Free Trial.
Loxton Lights
Visit this dazzling English display of holiday lights!
Computer Jokes
Here's a great collection of nerdy (and not so) jokes. Colin keeps adding more – Windows, Linux and Unix jokes, technical support jokes and stories.
Totally Absurd Inventions
Consider some of the totally absurd inventions which can be found at the web site of the very same name.
170 Designs
Here's a small and competent website design group ready to provide a single page that you could develop for yourself or a complete site treatment. Worth a visit.
Mobile Phones
This is THE place to get the latest mobile phones on uk networks with most phones or handsets available free. Update your phone with games, ringtones and screensavers all online.
An interesting and diversified site that offers much information on the live sound industry. Even a section devoted to humor.
Go to the source and read all about Electronic Billboards. With all the pros and cons, they are a potent advertising tool.
THE online newsletter about Leap Year Day!
Leap Year Capital of The World
Come celebrate the Leap year Festival in the leap year capital! This will be the 5th in 20 years. Sponsored by the World Wide Leap year Birthday Club. Come one, come all!
Talk about selection, we were amazed to see the best and most complete line of clocks on the net.
The Vocaloid Website
Yamaha's site covering all aspects of Vocaloid and its impact on the world of synthesis technology.
Culinary Parts Unlimited
If you own a pressure cooker and lose or need to replace a part, this is the place to go.
Computer Machines
An interesting overview on the history and development of the transistor, modern calculators, the computer, the world's first hard disk memory storage device, encryption.
Spam Abuse Net
This site, open since 1996, has been referenced as one of the best anti spam sites on the Internet. It offers the most current information about fighting spam.
Robot News and Robotics Info
A place to read the latest news on personal and industrial robotics, robot competitions and other really cool stuff.
TiVo official homepage
A new, easy way to watch television. The idea that everyone, no matter how busy life gets, deserves to enjoy the television entertainment of their choice on their time, established the cornerstone of the TiVo philosophy: watch what you want, when you want.
Where the claim is "we invent tomorrow," you will find a fascinating array of wearable technology.
The ATM News Marketplace
What's new in the ATM world? Check out ATM News Marketplace and find out.
Modern Humorist
A humor site not to be missed. Modern Humorist is THE place to find smart comedy by both established talents and the next generation of hacks.
This site is dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of audio/video technology, to provide superior quality information on the audio/video industry, its products, its practices, its history, its present, and its future.
Buy a celebrity alarm clock for yourself or someone you either like or don't like. Fascinating marketing idea to have your favorite sex symbol wake you up in the morning. Better order now while the supply lasts. Tell them Elvis sent you!
The Parking Meter Page
An all-purpose, informative site that answers any questions you can think of about the parking meter.
Cyber Baby Mall
A site that provides parents and children with the best safety products available. They claim to sell childproof caps that children can't open easily, but adults can.
Fun and Games with Voice Mail
If you can't beat em, join em! A humorous look at ways to fight back against the aggravating automaton known as automated voice mail.
A comprehensive web site that covers the world of fraud in almost every aspect. Although run by a doctor and primarily concerned with medical issues, the site offers significant information on consumer protection from all types of scams as well.
Crimes of Persuasion
Fascinating site which deals exclusively with schemes, scams and frauds of all types. It focusses on how con artists steal savings and inheritances through telemarketing fraud, investment schemes and consumer scams.
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
An interactive mathematics encyclopedia intended for students, educators, math enthusiasts and researchers. It provides the most comprehensive collection of mathematical information available on the Web today.
Microwave Ovens
Dr. Lee provides an overview of how microwave ovens work at this interesting, interactive web site.
The Computer Museum History Website
Established in 1996, this vast website is dedicated to preserving the artifacts and stories of the Information Age. It is home to one of the largest computer artifact collections in the world.
The Telephone History Website
A comprehensive website spanning the history of the telephone, including an indepth biography of Alexander Graham Bell, books about telephones, information about telephone shows and antique phone collectors.