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Cell Phone Faceplates: What the Well-Dressed Phone Will Wear

butterfly cellphone faceplateIf you don’t put on the same clothes every day (or even if you do) your cell phone shouldn’t. After all, it’s out in the world just like you are and clothes do make the …well, phone. Change your phone’s appearance without expensive surgery! Make it match your accessories with a fun and fashionable cell phone faceplate!

The term faceplate is a bit misleading as it is not something that fits over the face of the phone but rather a part of the phone’s housing. They come with a front and back shell that replaces whatever housing is on your current phone. It’s like repainting a room, as it gives your phone a whole new look!

Although Nokia was the first to offer these faceplates, many companies now produce them including Motorola and Samsung. It should be said that some faceplates require professional installation while others simply pop apart with the press of a button. (My speed.) Sometimes the word phone "cover" and "faceplate" are used interchangeably.

Faceplates are stylish and they can reflect your every mood. You can be patriotic or somber, sexy, metallic sleek, happy, sad or all of the above. (But not all at once.)

So get a few and dare to be different.

Trick your phone every day into thinking it is something else!

The Prada Mobile Phone: For Fashion-Conscious Callers
prada ohine

If one’s thoughts of the word "accessories" are limited to scarves, belts and purses, one should think again. In the hi-tech fashion-conscious cosmos of today, not only do the immortal words of Cole Porter’s song, "Anything Goes," ring true, but anything novel or unique about a cell phone that rings does as well. Now when one dresses, one must match an outfit not only to scarves, gloves hats, belts and the like, one must also take into consideration the cell phone chosen to accompany the wearer of these clothes for the day.

LG Electronics, a pioneer in mobile phones and consumer electronics, is there with the introduction of the new Prada Mobile Phone, which was designed in collaboration with the Italian design firm. What’s so special about the Prada Mobile Phone? I’m so glad you asked! The introductory price, for one thing, is not only special; it’s outrageous. Slated for imminent release, this cell phone will cost approximately 775 US dollars, even though there are no specific plans yet to launch it in the United States. It will be released first in Europe later this spring, and then China, Singapore and Korea.

Even though the Prada Mobile Phone is prohibitively expensive, it must be said that one does get what one pays for in this particular instance. This Apple product is superior in many ways to other cell phones, including its screen resolution, data networking ability and internal memory. Prada’s classic Italian traditional touch is obvious, and the fashion company worked closely with LG Electronics in designing the cell phone’s exterior and elements of the user interface, ring tones and pre-loaded content. The Prada Mobil Phone also comes with an external memory card slot. The end result of the collaboration is a unique cell phone that is sophisticated and elegant with the very first, advanced touch interface.

The shared vision of the two pioneer companies has completely eliminated the need for the conventional keypad found on all other cell phones. The Prada Mobile Phone and its extra wide LCD screen maximizes visual impact (and well it should for the price). This screen permits the user to benefit from several unique features, namely, the 2 mega pixel camera, video player and document viewer capacity. The Prada Mobile Phone, without a doubt, is one sleek, chic and yet highly simplistic number. The ultra thin exterior hosts a wide array of functions, including a music multitasking function for messaging, just to mention one.

The Prada Mobile Phone is not only one efficient little cell phone; it is also a magnificent fashion statement.

Can YOU afford to buy one? Only your accountant knows for certain. I sure can’t.

The Waterproof Phone: Yes, But Can It Swim?

Are you a really clumsy person? Do you drop things like vases, jewelry, passports, babies and telephones into water without meaning to? Are you tired of having to replace cell phones or prepaid phones because the water keeps destroying them? If so, then the answer to your clumsiness is here with the arrival of the new Waterproof Floating Phone! The handset, which is housed in waterproof plastic and has durable rubber side grips, is guaranteed to stay afloat when dropped in any pool, bathtub or sink. The buttons on the Waterproof Floating Phone are sealed to resist moisture, ensuring optimum dialing and clarity conditions when exposed to water.

The cordless Waterproof Phone features a backlit LCD with 10-number memory dialing and last number redial. (This last feature is particularly helpful if you find yourself going underwater for the third time and have forgotten to say goodbye and/or make amends to one of your nearest and dearest.) The caller waiting feature is very convenient also, especially if your lungs are filling with water. Any considerate caller will wait their turn to speak to you. You can also program emergency numbers into the Waterproof Floating Phone, but this feature seems a bit superfluous since your emergency must be seriously in progress at the time of your need to call, and your phone (and maybe even you too) may already be underwater and unable to communicate with others.

All kidding aside, the Waterproof Floating Phone is really not meant to be used underwater as much as in, on or by the water. It is intended for "wet environments" that might otherwise damage a regular cordless or cell phone. Scuba gear and harpoons are optional, and the Waterproof Floating Phone can be yours for the mere cost of $54.95.

You should also keep the Waterproof Floating Phone in mind if you are planning any trips to Niagara Falls, with or without a barrel.

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