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Wearable Technology: La Com-puter Mo-bile

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The health field has also been revolutionized by wearable technology. Scientists have produced an electronic eye implant, which they believe could help millions of people to see again. The microchip works by stimulating cells around the retina. This in turn stimulates cells in the brain. Tests on animals have shown that the tiny microchip can restore sight. The University of Southern California has developed an e-textile, a prototype of a new breed of fabric that is woven not only for its looks but also for computing power. There is already a shirt on the bio-medical market that can constantly monitor 30 cardio-pulmonary functions. Cell phones, via a tiny mechanism that reads a heart monitor and automatically sends a warning call to a predetermined cell phone number if the user is in distress, can aid those at high risk of cardiac problems.

With all of the current advances in the field of surveillance, spies, double and triple agents could get top-of-the-line equipment via the new models of gizmos and gadgets that today can be fitted into clothing, jewelry and glasses! Not even James Bond had it so good, with all the video devices and other doodads that can be built into clothing or perched upon eyeglasses, letting you walk around town with "your own personal office." With the help of a tiny video camera built into a pair of glasses, you could create your own video log and even record the lens that is recording you! (Whether this changes one’s spy status from triple to quadruple agent is anyone’s guess!) Why not hire yourself as your own secretary? With these devices you will not save money in the long run, but you are certain to be the coolest spy on the block!
computer head set
If you are a spy who works underwater instead of undercover (or if water is your cover), consider KordInterface technology which produces an entire line of underwater computers under the auspices of the Australian Institute of Marine Science WETPC. These computers are unaffected by movement or vibration and need little visual concentration. This can be helpful when dealing with hungry Blue sharks and sharp coral reefs.

Although I doubt if computer jewelry would interest Harry Winston and his ilk, there is no doubt that the mobile computer has also invaded this realm. Yes, you heard me correctly. Jewelry. Microsoft has developed a customizable paper wristwatch, which operates on FM radio and automatically resets itself when the user moves into a different time zone. (Talk about Big Brother watching every move you make!) Wearers can even customize the watch’s look and features by visiting a web site set up by Microsoft expressly for that purpose. At a man named Mark Spitzer has figured out a way to fit tiny optical displays into the frames of eyeglasses. Further, he also conceived a way to make them inconspicuous enough that the wearer would not look as if he had the insides of a radio attached to his head. (Clever fellow.) On web sites there is talk of even making them chic and stylish enough to match today’s fashion tastes!

And so, my friends, it should be perfectly clear that as far as the wearable computer is concerned, not even the sky is the limit. Other wearables worth mentioning include: credit card terminals, bar-code scanners, keyboards, word processors, audio recorders, cameras and universal belts that use wireless technology for group communications. There may even be a few more prototypes being developed as you read this article. As it is, the list keeps growing with no end in sight. All this wearable technology is fascinating and wonderful. I still have one question, however, and cannot seem to find the answer. What happens to all this wonderful state-of-the-art gear when it rains? Whatever the protocol, I’m certain that no one begins to sing not even la computer mobile. That only seems to work for Gene Kelly!

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"Technology has enabled man to gain control over everything except technology."

"Never trust a computer that you can't throw out the window."
Steve Wozniak

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