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direct tvNew Voice APP: Do You Yearn To Talk To Your Television?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Do you like the idea of talking to your television? How do you feel about getting answers as well? Don't laugh; this can be arranged for both a price and an open attitude about the new DIRECTV App.

With just the help of your voice, you can make a new, albeit different kind of friend in the form of this new app. Tell it what you need and what you want, but don't be unreasonable. It can't give you a foot massage or run a bath for you, no matter how burning your desire may be for these earthly desires. You can however, find whatever you want to watch on TV by using just your voice.

smart phoneWhile enjoying a double latte and perhaps a most decadent croissant, you can search for your favorite programs by the mere mention of title, channel, keyword, actor, time frame, genre and many other choices. You can get an appetizer from column one and soup and salad from column two. If you choose a program the app is not happy with, you may have to explain yourself, but then again, every new app has some kinks.

The DIRECTV app is the quintessence of customization and convenience. Your voice can also implement the changing of channels, the recording and playing of content at home and a view of personalized recommendations on the big screen. You can set parental controls on specific programs so you will always know what your children are watching.

flat screen tvUsers, via voice recognition features, can access both live and on demand programming and play special shows by accessing a tab within the app called “voice”. Cooler than cool, users can also search for films from anywhere and when at home can even use the TV screen to display dialogue and search results.

If you are a lover of television and the movies, this new app is a “must have,” for it will allow you to watch literally thousands of your favorite shows and movies On Demand and right on your very own iPhone. It should be noted that available content is based on the user's current programming package and not all content is available to stream at this time.

New subscribers to this app are eligible for discounts on monthly payments for this new app via

directv installerIn conclusion, one can only wonder what's next. Could it be an app that will provide comfort and conversation between you and your car or your refrigerator? One can only suppose that you might be able to discuss the feel of tire pressure and the woes of freezer burn, if you just open up your mind and give this new app a chance.

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